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No Abs and no light.

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This is my first post so I hope I am doing it correctly.

I have a 2000 legacy gx automatic estate.

My problem is that the ABS does not operate at all.

On startup the Abs does not illuminate but the VDC off lamp does.

I have checked fuses #8 and #15 and they are fine. The two relays near the abs unit click when the ignition is turned on.

My suspicion is that someone has removed the ABS bulb which I think I need to get the codes to diagnose the problem!!

Is there any other way of getting the codes or do I need to strip out the dashboard to check the abs bulb?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi I took the dash out.

The VDS and ABS bulbs were missing so I replaced them and sure enough the ABS and VDS lights are constantly illuminated.

How do I get the codes. Is it via the obdii connector or via the mysterious black/white connector which ive been unable to find.

Many thanks

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Thanks for your replies.

I downloaded ecuflash to my pc and connected using an obd cable. Having joined the two green connectors the only error it gave me was a starter signal error!.

On further reading it looks like I must join the two black connectors and count the flashes.


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