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16" tires on 08' Legacy ?


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First let me say great forum...been a lurker for a while.....


I picked up a 2008 Legacy sedan for my wife and am not impressed with the tires...205/50/17 seems to take the bumps and pot holes HARD.


Thinking of maybe going to 16" rims with higher profile tires to soften the ride.


My question what size tire can I fit with decent clearance..? Maybe 215 or 225/60/16.


thanks for the help

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205/50/17 indicates a 2.5i, but you never know if someone just put on a size at a tire shop.


Regardless, you probably won't see a lot of difference in ride quality by making that switch. You're more likely on old struts that don't work as well anymore. If the car has original struts and has more than say 80,000 miles, I'd start there if you're looking to improve ride quality.

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