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Make Pop Out Rear Windows

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Hey has any one heard of, or seen a Legacy wagon with pop out rear windows like this:









I think it would be possible to remove the rear glass and add the pop out function, but I don't know how water proof it would be. Would be a great way to add a little ventilation air flow through the back.



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Your windows are not "framed" windows AND drilling a hole for attachment of the glass to the latch mechanism and hinges is not something that can be done without breaking the glass. Also, sealing them will be difficult if not impossible. Your car wasn't designed for it and retrofitting would cost bank and not worth it.
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I have to agree with you. I think I may go to a junkyard, pick up some rear windows and test if an adhesive can be used for the hinge and pop out bracket can be used.


This is another idea I would like to look into:



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