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05 LGT wagon - Auto door lock issues


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Hey all! I just installed a set of Valenti Full LED tail lights on my wagon (don't know if this is the reason). Had to remove 2 blue boxes (resistors) that were wired in behind the USDM stock tail lights. Thinking they were use previously because an LED bulb in the OEM housing or something to that effect.


I noticed a day after the install (new tail lights work fine) that the front passenger and both rear passenger doors do not lock or unlock from the key fob nor from the front passenger and driver door lock controls. The driver door and the rear hatch lock and unlock however.


Talking to a friend, could be door lock actuators or switches? But it's strange to me that 3 out of 5 locks do not work rather than all of them not working.


Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

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Well it sounds like they were stock and obviously needed



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No, that's just it. I don't think they were OEM stock. I think they were wired in by the previous owner (maybe to stop hyperflash from LED bulb)? From what I've researched all the pics I've seen during a tail light install, none of the LGTs wagon/sedan have them. I'm positive they were after market. Also, the way they were wired in did not look like a factory wire job.

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