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5EAT 5th Gen GT TC whine?


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Hi all, couple days ago my Legacy GT (5th Gen) started making a whining/sucking/grinding noise when on boost/WOT. Transmission still changes gears fine, almost smoother than before but it makes a strange noise. Torque is currently at 346ft-lb and power is at 290hp. It started doing it out of the blue and the only issue I've noticed is the sound. Fluid is normal colour and doesn't appear to have any debris in it and car has only travelled about 40,000 miles.


Anyone got an idea on what it could be? I know America doesn't get the 5th Gen GT in auto but the trans must be similar to the last generation.



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I would start by pulling the Downpipe off first and inspect the play on the turbo shaft. Start by trying to move it up/down and in/out. If you have any play in the shaft then your turbo is about to go.
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