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Motorless Legacy won't roll! parking brake stuck engaged?

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Alright, so I've recently jumped at the opportunity to spend a few weeks slowly cleaning up my 03 Legacy Wagon 5mt which has included pulling the motor and just about everything else from the engine bay (doing new Timing belt/HG's), and just finished the tear down. my friend and I were going to roll the car out of the garage and into the driveway so that we could get some pressure washing done as there is a fair bit of collected sediment. we spent about half an hour trying to push/pull it out but nothing worked. the handbrake ratcheted a few more times than normal when applied. we put her up on jackstands and discovered that the front wheels would spin by hand and the rear wheels would not. the car has been left on front jackstands for a good 6-10 hours twice during this project and i am wondering if that could cause the hill holder to be stuck on. Any input is appreciated.
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