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Squeal above 3000rpm, bad smell after running.

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I bought a 95 Legacy a couple weeks ago, and I have a couple issues. When the engine gets over about 3k, it starts squealing. It sounds almost like a belt slipping, but the belt seems to be tight. It does this even in neutral, which rules out an issue with the clutch or throw out bearing right?

The next issue is that it smells really hot, or like a burnt clutch after driving. There doesn't seem to be any slippage in the clutch, but the car is slightly noisier once I put it in 1st and start moving. By third or fourth the noise is no longer audible.

The last issue, which may not even be an issue I guess, is the shifter moves a decent amount when I get on the throttle, and jerks back when I get off it. Is that normal to have some movement? I don't remember my older Legacy doing that.


Here is a video of the noise, that and the smell are my main concerns.


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does it do it sitting in the driveway, or only when driving?


i suggest you remove the alt. and AC belts and run the engine for a bit.


if it does not squeal, buy new belts.


if it still ''squeals'' you have eliminated 2 possibilities.


other possibilities,

the AC belt tensioner pulley

water pump

timing belt idler pulleys, these are behind the timing cover.

how old is the timing belt.

the change interval is every 60k miles.

oil leaks around the timing belt cover?


it may be time to do a complete timing belt job


it may help to buy a ''mechanics stethoscope'' to isolate where the sound is coming from.

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I'm with these guys ^ although there is one more possibility that I can think of and its the pulleys on your PS pump, alternator and AC comp. Removing the belts like they said will be a good way to diagnose it :) and if that doesn't do it you could have a bad timing belt pulley ( Pretty unlikely )
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Thanks for the ideas, the sound happens when I'm driving or when I am sitting still not in gear. I will try taking the belts off tonight and see if that helps, and if so I will go pick up some new ones to make sure that is not the issue. The timing belt was just changed before I bought it.
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