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Mystery oil leak subaru legacy

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I have a mystery oil leak on my 1994 subaru legacy wagon. It seems like it is comming from the timing cover I can feel a little piece of rubber sticking out in the spot I circled but there is oil everywhere. I did try some of that UV oil dye and it seemed like it was in that spot a little on the filter and all over the oil pan. Any ideas would be awesome. uploadfromtaptalk1457378889671.thumb.jpg.306cc1bddc06ee41a86bb400c67d45e3.jpg


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Attack this before you end up maranating your timing belt in baking oil.


My timing cover appeared the same about a week ago. did the oil pump and crank seal in mine. Bought cam seals but didnt need them.


Oil pump has one O ring, which seemed ok and my crank seal dry, cracked and pissing oil. Now im all good... as far as an oil leak goes

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