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I hope this is the right place to post this. Lol


I've owned my 2001 legacy gt for about a year and the security system has never worked. I have tried to reset the system, changed the batteries on the remote, unhooked the batteries on my car, nothing has worked. The buttons on my driver/passenger doors wont even unlock or lock the doors at all. I have to do everything by hand.


Up until only recently have I seen any spark of life from the system. The security light begins to flash and the car won't start. I go through the paces outlined on car101.com to fix the issue and it works only to start my car. It's only happened when my sister drives the car so I'm not sure what she might have done differently to make it happen. When I go reset the alarm or program the remote nothing happens.


I feel like replacing the security system or at least getting to the security box to check it out will be the way to go. The problems and questions I have are....


Where is the box located?

Do they sell replacement units?

If so where can I find one?

Will the box have an effect on the switches on my doors?

Has anyone else run into a problem similar to this?


Any help would be apperciated! Thanks

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