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b4 twin turbo cut power at 6000rpm

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Thanks for the add on the forum. I know i new here and was hoping someone will help me, then i am so close to buy a 00 legacy b4 twin turbo in UK. Is the gold one i just love them. I have send the salesman some mail. And he should test drive the car yesterday and the car starts fine up and goes fine until it hit 6000rpm them the engine cut. He has change the ecu 4years ago. And the car work fine after he put it away. But that is six month ago.


So wondering if some can help me to find out what can bee the problem. I have try to google and i have find MAF and Knock Sensor can bee that problem. But i have never had a b4. I own a 92 svx and a legacy 2.5L BE 00.


Thanks and hope some one will help me to find out what the problem can bee. :)




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