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TurboTek Tuning @ Fast of West Chester Mustang Dyno

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Had a great event yesterday with my car the guys of of Fast of West Chester with their new dyno. With the new injectors installed in my car and fmic I was able to make more trq/whp than I anticipated.

My Procom tune from when I first built my motor, my car laid down 280whp/280trq @19psi with 98% IDC.


Mods for this AVO TMIC, DW65c, KStech 73mm intake Bnr18g, mishi oversized turbo inlet and an ewg


From the Base Map Ray of TurboTek Tuning

My car already made 285whp/294trq after upgrading to 850cc Injectors and to a FMIC.


First Run: 285whp/294trq Base Map

Second Run: 304whp/330trq @12psi

Third Run:330whp/330trq @14psi and 9psi ewg

Fourth run:338whp/355trq @14psi and ???ewg

Fifth run: 348whp/355trq @18psi and 14ewg

Final Run: 350whp/381trq @20.8psi and 14psi EWG


Very happy with how the car ended up. More power and more trq. I was close to the 400trq but I knew the Trans won't last that long. But my car can be tune for e85 now with my upgraded fuel system







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