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JDM supercars meet


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Its been since February since we have had a meet up for those of us on the board and we have been growing ever since. I would like to setup a get together next month (October). Dash (Dash Performance) has been kind enough to lend us his parking lot in Manassas to hold the meet again. Taking a hint from last time we should have some stuff there to make it a little more enjoyable for those showing up. Food is always a good thing and Im sure some of us have connections to make it a little more "lively". For info on the shop please visit

http://www.dashperformance.comDate: Sunday, October 16th

Time: Noon-whenever

Location: Dash Performance

Who: All are welcome


Since space is limited, parking will be on a first come, first serve basis.




list of cars so far



1.) su_maverick (Neal) 95 rx7

2.)TeckS2k (Brandon) 00' Turbo S2000

3.)alan (alan) 04 SToCK wrx

4.)NX2KDET(Joe) 93 Turbo NX2000


6.)DASH (The Infamous Man of the Hour)

7.) T88-SUPRA (Andreas) 94 Supra Turbo

8.) swedemix (Matt) 95 Supra Turbo

9.) thatguy (chris) 95 240sx

10.) terry (mywheelsarebling) 93 Toyota Soarer

11.) Dan (driftdeez) Air Jordans

12.) Nick (cobaltss18) 06 cobalt ss

13.) Vlo (Vlo) S2000

14.)Dimitri (fonkydi) 99wrx

15.)nissanwhore(john)r32 GT-R

16.)Daniel (teck2) Mr2

17.) Jennie (Chixsi) 99 Civic SI

18) David (davidc) 93 240s

19.) Silverbullet (John) flatblack Sil80 x

20.) Redcoat (Ian) AE86

21.) WRX GC8 (Steve) 2000 WRX GC8

22.) xJadieMx (Jadie) 99 Miata

23.)EFB16ACRX(zach) 90 CRX

24.)sir92hatch(adam)92 eg hatch

25.)CareySutra(Carey)04 VW .:R32

26.) me! 05 legacy gt

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