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suggestion for pltek

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i recently placed an order with your company. so far everything is going ok. i ordered an up pipe and down pipe along with a down pipe to turbo gasket. and u offer the doughnut gasket which i opted out of getting. but u do not offer the 2 gaskets for the up pipe. i think it would be wise to offer thoes gaskets as well. pluse when ppl order the up pipe and or down pipe, have a kit for them, so u can buy the up pipe and gasket kit. then you are all set.


and secondly u shiped my air filter and down pipe gasket via standard post office. i dont like that because then i dont know when i will recieve the package. ups and fedex have shipping information that actualy tells u something. the post office tracking tells you that they recieved shipping information and that they will update it that night. but it will say this untill i actualy recieve the item. maybe u can leave that option open for the customer.




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hi Craig,


I am not sure how you were able to start a post im PLTek, llc forum, lol,...




I actually include 2 uppipe gaskets with my flow uppipe as a package 215USD shipped. If you get COBB or other uppipes, you can get all the gaskets you need in the gaskets sub-section which is in the exhaust section. you can either just get the top and bottom uppipe gasket for a full kit which includes all the gaskets that you should really change when you change the uppipe, Here is the link:




In terms of shipping via USPS, i have to use them to ship small things worth under 100USD where 5 bucks is a difference between profit and loss. I hope that answers your questions.


Thank you for your continued support


Peter Sz


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gah! i totaly did not see the gasket section. son of a bisket! oh well cant wait to get my stuff monday. hope the post office feals the same about a monday delivery


oh and i posted in here buy slecting new post:confused: feal free to delete or move if need be



Post Office is closed on Monday..

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