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Dinger, pot hole tire thump'n


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Eeeschhhh I can't believe it.


I hit a pot hole, going about 30mph, and now I feel a little thump thump thump...

Could it be just the tire? Can a belt break and cause this?

The rim looks and feels OK, the tire is not loosing air (more than any other).

I doubt a wheel weight fell off, they are stick on. I did feel one 'clip on' style on the inside.


The wagon only has 3800 miles, is this a dealer warranty thing, or a tire Manufacturer thing?



Like I said, Eeeschhh...:mad:

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I did a similar thing, take your car out on the highway from 60-80 and ask whether or not you feel a shimmy. As for me, the shimmy get under my skin so I brought it to the dealer a few times... After a balance, re-balance, check of hub, it was clear that the smallest ding in the rim was causing my grief. I put the rim on the back, but with my at 30K I'm going for new rims and tires because any shimmy or shake spoils the riding experience.
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