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The purist will hate it for the fact that it has so many computers that take control of the vehicle and it has no true manual tranny. It certainly looks great all around. Even better at most angles than our beloved Legacy GT. Performance/handling wise again this car falls far off a cliff compared to BMW.


02 cents..

"Gimme mines Balboa...Gimme mines".....Clubber Lang - Mr. T
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The AWD car has the 2.5l V6 204HP, 185 lbs/ft torque...bleck


I'd hit it...finally a Lexus with some passion. You'll save a few bucks on maintenance and on the purchase. If I had to buy an entry level luxury car...i'd rather have an


1. G35

2. BMW 3

3. Audi A4

4. Lexus IS350

5. Acura TSX

6. Cadillac CTS


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Horsepower (hp @ rpm):306@6400

Torque (ft-lbs @ rpm):277@4800

Hey I wonder if those numbers are the new adjusted SAE numbers? I mean it is possible considering the 350z claims 300HP. I'm just suspicious now since the Forbes article busted out the Japanese for fudging the numbers.

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