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Dyno Day at Mach V Saturday 10/22/05

Mach V Dan

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We're having a dyno day here at the shop on Saturday, October 22, 2005.


What: Dyno Day


When: 10/22/05, 9am to 5pm


Where: 45064-B Underwood Ln

Sterling, VA 20166




If you haven't seen us advertise this before, dyno day offers the chance to get a baseline or updated dyno numbers on your car for a smaller fee than on normal workdays. Cost is $75 for 2WD or AWD cars, and $25 additional for air/fuel analysis. Slots are 40 minutes, which is usually enough for 3-4 pulls. It's a great social educational event, too, as lots of people come to watch and compare notes.


We go above and beyond those "other" dyno days, too: You can take away your dyno results on a USB key if you would like, otherwise we will e-mail them to you, so you can store/analyze/post your results to your heart's content.


Call us at (703) 435-5000 to reserve a slot. Each of our previous dyno days has been sold out, with a wait list.



Mach V


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