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Pirelli PZero Neros

Guest jpkad

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I have them and I love them,Put them on at 10k have 30k now and they;re fine. Excellent! in the rain, great in the dry, fine in the snow. Some might have issues with flatspotting, I park in a garage and have never seen that problem. If they do flatspot it's gone in about 1 mile. The price is great too, I think $118 each. I had been looking at the Michenin Pilot Sport A/S but that tire was $60 more for each.


I got the nero's for my sis RSX-S, she loves them too.

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There's about a gazillion threads/posts on the P-Zero Neros. :) One of the favorite "Ultra-High Performance All-Seasons" of LGT.com.


Use the search engine, it'll give you plenty of feedback.

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