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Japan Subaru Tech mail ?


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I have exactly the same problem. I think (or hope) there is a forewiring for the CD changer under the front passenger seat, that could be used as an external AUX-in. In fact there is a free connector there, but I can find any relevant documentation.


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The japanese outback comes with a kenwood gx-201sef2 (or other electronicaly identical versions depending on left or right hand drive), the full specifications and circuit diagrams can be downloaded from http://archive.espec.ws/section392/file6639.html


The kenwood c-929 cd changer data, which is the one sold by Subaru to use as an extermnal cd changer, but with a different conecting cable to fit the radio conector, and that should make possible to make an aux input in that conector, is in



Maybe someone an get to some solution with that data to make a "plugable" aux in.


Mario5 posted this on my thread on the other aux in...it might be useful...?

[CENTER][URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18504"]Subaru Plug & Play Aux-in Mod[/URL][/CENTER] [CENTER][URL="http://www.jazzyengineering.com"]www.jazzyengineering.com[/URL][/CENTER]
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