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05 and up Sti wheels on LGT


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I looked a little online if guys have run this set up but only found guys that have done the full swap to 5x114.3 I'm just wondering what would the fit be like if I bought an adaptor plate 5x100 to 5x114.3 if I was to use say a 15,20 or 25mm adaptor I know I can run 2004 Sti wheels but I'm just curious about other Sti wheels without doing the full blown conversion. If there is another thread about this please let me know I would love to read it thanks
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15mm almost never work.

20s work IF there are cut outs in the back of the wheels to accommodate the spacers nuts and you have small enough nuts (ha, see what i did there).


With 25mm spacers you can do a 5x100, or 5x114 conversion. With mild camber it'll work in the rear. The front is it a fitment exercise and more than likely needs a roll.


And to Tris's point... After all those extras and efforts you can get just as good if not better wheels in the offset you desire.

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