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Clutch problems

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So the other day when I got home from work and was driving I noticed that when I had the clutch fully depressed that my subie was inching forward like my clutch was almost at the engaging point. also that it was hard to get the shifter into the gear I was trying to put it into. So when I got to my destination I popped the hood. And started messing with the clutch fork and clutch slave cylinder. Then I went to push in my clutch and when I did it when to the floor and didn't return. I went back under the hood and noticed my clutch slave cylinder was fully pushed out to the point that the piston was out. So I replaced the clutch slave cylinder thinking it was going to fix it. When I put the new one in, it actually felt way better but would stick ever so slightly. Gave up on it and pulled it out. I then started checking the release lever (clutch fork) and noticed I have more play on one side and didn't seem to have any resistance to it. Here's a video of me checking the play in it.

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