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1993 Legacy SS

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Looking to buy and swap in a TD06. Apparently I posted in the wrong sub section. Excuse me for that.


Anyway. 93 SS would like to put a TD06 in. Curious on what needs to be done. Is it a direct fit? Different injectors to support the bigger turbo? Not entirely sure what had been done already but any extra info is great.


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FYI - Please make a useful title, w/each new post.


INFO is avl. over on legacy central too.


I don't think that Gameboy is a 'tuner', but more for logging/monitoring. It sounds like THIS on legacy central:



The TD06 is WAY too big for a stock install on Legacy SS/EJ22T.


It's intake is likely the bigger 3" and won't work w/your stock pieces, it requires bigger injectors, different MAF, intercooler, and TUNING to make it work.


And I wouldn't buy an Ebay TD0-anything.


Since I don't know what, if anything you've already done to your SS, it makes it harder to recommend what path to take.


Generally, a TD04 and TMIC are about all you can do w/the stock injectors and MAF.


Read up on the Rob Tune on Legacy Central for the best bang for the buck.


EDIT: If you're putting this in the car on the previous post.....this may be less useful.


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