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Lifting 02 Legacy GT Wagon 5spd

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I'm planning on lifting my Legacy a few inches and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations? I'm thinking the best way to go may be finding suspension from a Forester and swapping it out. Asked a few people with lifted Legacy's and they said that's what they did and recommend. Anything I should take to consideration with this plan, or change? Open to anything, thanks!
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There are no Forester struts that both the front and rear bolt directly into 2000-2004 Legacy/Outback. You are best off getting 2000-2009 Outback springs and struts which should give you about a 2" lift. If you want more use tophat spacers.


The biggest problem is that 3rd and 4th Gen Legacy/Outback used a rear shock with a lower mounting point that isn't as wide as 2009+ Forester units and the 1998-2008 Forester uses struts on all 4 corners, not front struts and rear shocks like yours.

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@GTeaser so it would be smart to get springs, struts and tophats off an outback from a junkyard possibly and for even more put lift blocks from an Outback on like Caboobaroo was saying? Thank you all by the way! Much help.
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