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auto trans shifting problems

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:confused::confused:I have a 1990 legacy fwd auto with 57,000 miles bought as winter project. got the rear brakes unlocked,(rear praking shoes). the car sat for 2 years. When I went to drive the sub it seems not to start out in first gear and won't stay in fourth gear(overdrive). seems to go between 3 and fourth over and over even when car is warmed up. I changed fluid changed inline filter.

I checked trans codes and get a 33 which is speed sensor voltage. would this cause my shifting problems? what do I do next Dave;)

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Read THIS about how to clear the codes, to ensure the same one comes back.


You MUST have a working Speedo for the car to run properly. Common issue is for the mechanical sensor for the speedo cable to break where ti connects to the transmission.


this Vid -

- will give you an idea...the video shows an electronic sensor - yours will be mechanical but they interchange.



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