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2009 2.5i Legacy Acceleration Problem

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I have a 2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Special Edition. I was have trouble about 3 weeks ago and my car randomly misfire from time to time but not for long so I didn't pay much attention to it :lol:. Then as time went on it became worse and worse and I drove it around for 3 days with misfires on cylinder 3 and 4. Then I decided to replace wires(Import Direct) and sparks plugs(Ngk Iridium) and it still misfired. I figured out it was my ignition coil and replaced it with a import direct one, about 3 days later. It drove fine for about a day and there ways a horrible loss of power. The car sputters on the low-end and struggles to rev high and engaged with the drive train on high revs. A new noise came out my car it sounded like the valve lifters. I figured my valve cover gasket on the passenger side was going bad so i replaced it on the next oil change and i did but the problem was still there and i struggle to go up hills. I just ordered a denso MAF sensor and a new perrin panel air filter and if those don't do it, i'm gonna take it in to a mechanic. I was just wondering if anyone could shed their knowledge and insight on this problem. Thank You
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