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RSB Mounts Recommended? 22mm Perrin RSB


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i reccently purchased a used 22mm Perrin RSB and it didnt come with bushing or mounts. I know I can use my factory mounts but I was told to use the AVO Rear Stabilizer Mount Brace (item number: S1104M1HT001T) with AVO bushings or Whiteline. my question is what would you recommend using for the mounts.. should I get the AVO or stay with the stock mounts and just use aftermarket bushing? I'm trying to figure out what i need/should get before I mount my RSB, Any advice is helpful.



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the stock mounting points are so weak, even the stock bar could use reinforcement.


also the stock U-brackets are garbage too, of if your bar does not come with new ones and you have to re-uses the OEM, get energy suspension universal bushings and u-brackets instead. they will last forever.

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