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Cracked head replacing oil pressure sensor, looking for advice


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2007 legacy wagon. Same story. CEL came on, P0028, oil all near the sensor, got a new sensor from the dealer, popped it in and over tightened it... feel like an idiot because I knew it was sensitive but I think I was being a bonehead aND possibly have a crappy torque wrench.


The crack is not as bad as pictures I've seen of others that have done the same. Much smaller. It ran fine, CEL even turned off, and no leak by the crack but I didn't drive it. I plan on trying to repair it with jb weld.


Can I drive it the next 2 days? I only need to drive about 5 miles to work and back through slow city traffic.


Would you recommend anything other than jb weld?


Any sources of quality used heads?


Any recommendations for mechanics in the Boston area to replace the head for me?

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