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Endlink measurements / fitment issues


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I recently installed a 22mm (i believe) whiteline front sway bar with whiteline adjustable endlinks on my 05 lgt. It came off of an 07 outback xt my buddy was parting out. After putting my car back on the ground and moving in the driveway it was evident the endlinks were up against the tie rods. I pulled the whiteline endlinks off and put the stocks back on for now, which clear fine. The whitelines are a good 1" taller than stock even adjusted all the way small. Anyway my stock endlinks are toast and need replacing with some more suitable ones. I was wondering if anybody had any hole to hole / overall measurements of their solid kartboy, avo, or whiteline endlinks. From looking at pictures those 3 seem to be the most compact, but pictures can be decieving. Thanks
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