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How to check timing belt?

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what car, year?


remove the cam covers, 3 bolts each side.

if you have an 2.2L engine, use a lot of penetrating spray 2 or 3 days in a row.


a socket and breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt will allow you to rotate the belt.

a white marker of some sort will help you know you have seen the entire belt.


BUT, the belt rarely fails.

it is almost always something else.

usually the toothed idler pulley, which you cannot see unless you remove the center cover.

and if the belt is old or worn or cracked, you should know at a glance.


but when in doubt,

replace it and all pulleys.

and maybe the water pump as well.


my advice is to b uy a haynes manual and read up on swapping the timing belt.

and then ask about what you do not understand.


what year, model, engine, trans, miles, color, car?

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yeah im with you. we are not in the states and the subaru dealer who use to service the car before us didnt put the sticker under the HOOD, GRRRRRR. Previous owner told us it was done at 190000km, its done 235000km now.


i know the subaru dealer they used, do you think its possible with the vin they may tell us when it was changed?


I just want to be sure as we are about to upgrade to a 3.0l and I dont want to be telling new buyers porkies.


So the cover you are refering to, is that the one on the right side of the car facing the car (right hand drive cars in my country)? I can see 3 bolts. I assume there is a similar panel on the other side and a main cover in the middle.


I could put a white mark on it to know when Ive turned it completely. Is it that bolt that I need to turn, the one I uncover with the panel?


The other belts still have fabric on their backs, a little cracking here and there on the ribbed sides but nothing major.


Going to miss the 2.5l, I wish I owned it when it had adjustable suspension/air.

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non- north american cars all seem to have a 100,000 km belt interval.

i would talk to the dealer and see what, if anything, they have on record.


at your mileage, the belt is probably not the issue.

especially since it was changed 45k Km ago.

i would ask the dealer and then sell based on their info.

if they have none,

sell based on what you know, were told.

you are not going to guarantee the timing belt, unless you replace it.

and even then you will not guarantee the idler pulleys , unless you replace them too.


good luck with your new subaru.

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