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Problem finding rotor size ??? Dealers won't help


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I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for the physical dimensions of the front & rear rotors for my 00 LGT Sedan. Last 8-digits of my VIN are xxxY6200362. I've called the dealers and they can't tell me the dimensions or rather they won't take them out of the box to measure :mad: . They only gave me the part # which is FCI500107 (fr.) & FCI500109 (Rear). I'm at a lost here !!! I took off my tire and took a rough measurement (~ 280mm for front & rear). Does this sound right ? I'm just looking for the size so that I can buy a set of aftermarket ones to replace. However, the retailers of these brands insist I have 15" rims when I know mine are 16s.


Pls any help would be appreciated. Thx. :)

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rears:all 00 and later legacys have the 290x18x170 rotor (diamater x thickness x parking brake diamater)

no a 15" wheels will not clear them

90-99 legacys and imprezas have the 266x10x18


fronts: 294x24 (00-04) same as a wrx

2nd gen legacys are 277x24

there is a thrid size 250x that was on the base imp and legacys these clear 14" wheels

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