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Major oil leak!

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I recelntly bought a 95 legacy brighnton wagon with blown headgaskets as a beater, 2.2l manual. I replaced the head/valve cover & intake gaskets and threw on a new timing belt, all was good. drove it for a week or so, then i went to drive my 05lgt, and the vast difference in the clutch feel made it a struggle to drive. So being the wagon has a cable clutch, i loosened it up a bit so the engage point was closer to my 05. i noticed where i parked the wagon at work the next day there was a MASSIVE oil spot. And it continues to leak from the back of the motor. I imagine its the rear main seal, but could me loosening the clutch cable have somehow taken some pressure off the rear main to make such a rapid oil leak? Or could it just be a coincidence that it gave out completely? Im sure i would have noticed the oil leak much sooner if it had done it from day one.
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