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1995 bk ls

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My first post. Hooray me!!!!!


So Ive had this old wagon for a couple years now, and I've really enjoyed this ride being my first Subaru and car that took power to all four ! Bought the car off Craigslist for about 1,200 came with those wheels and apparently from New Hampshire (I live in California) basically hasn't been changed other wise yet (besides the hood). I'd like swap something like a 2.0 turbo but till I can afford that, I'll just keep this as is.



But I've always noticed something odd and short about these front bumpers on the L and LS/I series of wagons from this era, and I've noticed they don't really have a lip, so this wagon kinda looks sad. IMO


But I guess it doesn't help that I first saw this car on Gran Turismo 2 :) That 94 GT touring wagon (J) [emoji1]


So I get that the whole American and Japanese markets are different and the need for a "sports" bumper would be unnecessary, for a car like this having around 135 hp


But really the question is, where can I get a lip for this era? Or perhaps a lip that may look good here? I don't know where to go!

Feel free to shoot some input!



Started as






What I'm going for


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