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Crack in head at valve cover.. Suggestions?

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Hello all, I have an 05 obxt with a hairline crack in the head at the valve cover. It leaks oil pretty bad, especially when hot, and drips right on the exhaust. It's on the rh side, and is about an inch long, right below the exhaust cam (looks like someone tried to get a grip on the cam as there is marring at the same spot on the cam.)

My question is any suggestions on a repair? Or is it a loss?


I'm about to pull the head off (sucks! I just rebuilt this engine, after turbo failure, the day I bought it!)and see if I can find a machine shop to fix it, but thought I'd check here for input while I'm getting around to yanking the head off.

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i have a really ratchet fix idea but is not permanent fix, if it was me and i was in your situation. remember this is only me and i just rebuilt that and then this happened i would try to JB weld it. let it cool off and clean it up and JB weld it the best i could and see how far it gets me. i would not want to pull the motor again because i just put it back. JB weld has surprised me in the past and ive heard about people using it on blocks before, car engines no, boat engines yes.


the best thing to do in a perfect world and for the car is to pull the motor and head again and get it fixed or get it new one.


just a thought

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When I was buying my XT, the dealer delayed the sale by a day because they said the mechanic was working on trying to get an oil leak stopped.

After about 8 months it started leaking oil onto the header and smoking really bad. I figured that it was the gaskets and went to replace them. When I removed the header I found this:








Once I took off the valve covers, I could see a tiny crack in the screw hole. It's now currently leaking about a quart of oil every three weeks. I'm just going to replace the heads completely. I've already purchased a set of used '06 WRX heads and am saving to do the turbo and a few other things at the same time.




Mocked up with my TGV deletes.

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