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HVAC Came on after almost stalling...


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Here’s a weird one. I tried searching didn't find anything. The other day I was driving around and I was wearing flip flops. I was at a red light, light turned green so I just casually let out the clutch and gave it some gas (very normal start). Well the engine almost stalled but I pressed the clutch fast enough that the engine recovered. I can't believe it didn't stall butt he weird thing is.... It turn the HVAC on Auto.... I had it set to vent... Just that it was a weird one....




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I came close to stalling a couple of times when I first got her. That's on top of actual stalling - despite having driven stick since my very first day of driving some 15+ years ago, my last vehicle had a 45-lb. rated push effort with razor-like engagement, so it was quite the "re-learning" curve on Winky. :redface:


I, too, noticed some electrical oddities after these events.


They appeared random - and likely was simply caused by the transient low-voltage that came from the event.

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