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So about a month ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. On October 22 I had my thyroid removed, they also took a whole bunch of lymphnodes. In doing so they accidently severed one of my vocal cords. I been out of work since yesterday. Talked with the doc and he told me that they got all of the cancer out. I have to do radiation in about a month. I was in the hospital for 4 days...which sucked. Anybody else out there that either have had or know someone who has? I will recover and beat this POS disease.
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I am undergoing speech therapy, many people I talk to think I sound like The dark knight.


If that's the price you have to pay for getting rid of cancer it's worth it.


But cancer sucks. It's a sneaky and evil disease.


I hope that you got it out of your system!

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