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Replacing exhaust on a 2.5i


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Do to a damaged right muffler from my wife backing into a metal postand hanging the tip and bending it down and the catalytic converter having gone bad. I'm considering replacing the whole system. So my question is.

Is there a complete system for a 2.5i or do I need to buy the parts separate? If separate I could get away with headers/manifold catalytic converter piece and an axleback set and keep her stock mid-pipe.


With her's being an 07 finding the headers/manifold is proving difficult. My old 98GT was easy. Set of ebay headers cheap price a few hours time to install. Boom i was done. Carsounded great and ran much better.

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The right muffler rusted through on my 2.5i. I just had a custom 2.5" catback done as a replacement. All stainless steel, leading to Magnaflow mufflers and 3" round SS tips. I went back a few days later for a resonator that killed most of the drone but left some sound. Cost me around $330.00.
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