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Stock stereo information?


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05 LGT


The crossover on the front speakers is of first order. There is a single inline capacitor on the tweeter. No inductor on the mids. Does anyone know the value of the capacitor?


Sensitivity on the mids? 92dB 2.83V ??? Anyone know?


I see the sub-woofer port on the back of my stock stereo. Does anyone know where exactly this signal is coming from? I assume it's paralleled off the rear speakers? That's what I don't understand -I thought you couldn't amplify an already amplified signal? ...that's what the amplifier built into the under-seat sub-woofer is doing...


Anyone know the amplifier specifications on the under-seat sub-woofer? What kind of power can it deliver and at what load? Is it 2 ohm stable?


Is the stock radio stable at 2 ohms?


Anyone try bypassing the internal amplifier of the stock radio? What voltages are getting?









Thinking about dropping an 8" sub-woofer in the rear parcel shelf. Parts Express has some drivers that are 90dB+. I was thinking about driving it off the under-seat amplifier, but I'm not sure what it's specs are.




**Anyone know if the P204uh has a built in variable EQ like the unit in my 05 or no?

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i think youre trying too hard. if you're keeping the stock mains, piggy back off the FRONT speaker outputs using an active line out converter like the audio control lc2i . ORR just run the speaker level preamps going to the underseat sub into the speaker level inputs on a dedicated sub.


You need to ditch the idea of using the amp in the underseat sub and get a dedicated amp to power the sub in the rear that you're thinking about adding.

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Hey, thanks for the response Shawn. I ended up going with these for each door






I have yet to hear a sub woofer in the trunk of a sedan that I actually liked & I didn't want to go through the work of installing a sub woofer on the rear parcel shelf. I still think a driver 92 Db+ & 2.83V off the stock amp would perform better than the stock sub, especially free air.


The midrange isn't all that great though. I'm probably going to parallel the Peerless drivers in the rear doors and run them mono & use a different mid up front. I have on hand several: Goldwood, set of PRo drivers, Dayton rs 150, and I'm waiting on a set of $5 buyouts from PE for an A/B comparison.



I've been using a small amplifier module from PE to power everything & my mini dsp to play around w/ the X overs. Best I got was 2.5khz 2nd order w/ an l pad on the tweeters.


Tweeters: https://www.parts-express.com/tymphany-bc25sc06-04-1-textile-dome-tweeter--264-1028



And that buyout: https://www.parts-express.com/6-1-2-poly-cone-midbass-woofer-4-ohm--299-609



Curious to see how these are going to compare to the other drivers costing 4 to 5x










I'm going to post up a video when I decide on everything. I'll include a schematic too as the mini dsp belongs in my room. Btw, I'm getting decent output in the 40s. I'm more than happy with the Peerless mid/sub buyouts

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