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'14 Legacy Bluetooth error requiring a new radio unit


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I'm having an issue with the bluetooth on my '14 Legacy. I cannot get it to connect to my phone and it won't let me delete a phone either so I can add a new one. When I try to delete a phone it says "error" even though just prior it said I needed to delete a phone before adding another (lack of space). At this time it will not connect with either my iPhone or Android. I took it to the dealer today and after they fiddled with it and called technical support the only answer they had was replace the entire radio unit for $1234 (aftermarket) or $1894 (new). It seems this is akin to tossing my laptop out the window if a small piece of software had a glitch. Totally incomprehensible in this day of car computers systems.:cool:


I have a call in to Subaru to see if they provide me with some assistance in getting it repaired, but I'd be happy to hear if someone else has a better idea.


Thank you.

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