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Power locks not working and anti-theft engaged

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Hi all,


I have read threads that indicate some parts of my issue, but not exactly, so I'm hoping someone has an idea of what i need to do. This weekend, my power lock switches stopped working, and at the same time the car wouldn't start. I realized that it was engaging the anti-theft. Now, the only way I can start the car is holding the "bypass button" for the alarm to start the car. It's like whatever happened to the locks has permenanty engaged the anti-theft.


Other odd part though, the LED on the dash that would blink when the alarm is engaged doesn't turn on all all now, not even when I push it. Thoughts anyone? Any help would be GERAT!

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go look @ This THREAD.


I believe there are 2 parts to the keyless entry system:

1. Keyless - unlock the doors, period.

2. Anti-theft - adds shock sensor and starter interrupt.



I'd disconnect the shock and starter interrupt @ the module - as shown in the pics - and see if that solves your issue.


Or you may need to buy another module - yours may be 'dying>>>dead'. I have one if you want to test it.




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