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Anyone Local Able to do a Valve Adjustment


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I have a random misfire on my legacy GT (2005). I have swapped coil packs, replaced plugs, and injectors. Still getting a random misfire, primarily at hot idle. Normally i tackle everything on my own but i admit i really do not have the ability to do this without guidance. I'm asking the locals here (i'm in eastern CT) if anyone here is able, or is there a shop you'd recommend? This is my daily driver and i do have to take the kids to school in the morning, so having my car down for an extended period of time isn't something i can really deal with.

Still probably the best car i've ever owned, almost no issues at all in the 8 years of ownership. Still runs like a top except at hot idle.



Let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Scratch that - i'm going to have to pull the motor and do a valve job after running a compression check. Good news is the problem is found, bad news is i'm going to be down my daily driver for a couple of weeks. Should have everything sorted. Can't wait to get the LGT back to tip top shape. Love that car.
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