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More Road Noise

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After remounting the tires incorrectly then fixing the road noise continues:mad:

Here's what's happened so far...

Federal Tires aggressive tread pattern are swapped out for Cooper CS5

Road noise continues...Replaced front left bearing

New waffling sound and front end still shimmies starting at 60

Tire shop replaces three of the four because they exhibit a defect

Two rims found to be out of round by 20 degrees corrected to 5 degrees (reportedly within margin)

Shimmies are gone for the most part after realignment

corrected rims placed on rear and still waffling


Are straightened rims ever perfectly round? Other thoughts about waffling?



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Tomorrow morning is saturday morning, you got me thinking about making waffles.



on a serious note, check all your fluid levels, and dump your diff fluids and replace look for any metal shavings. I might not be road noise, but bearing noise from anywhere

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