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1999 legacy wagon 2.5 hesitation/lack of power


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Just bought a 1999 legacy wagon, 2.5 auto. Major bogging,hesitation,lack of power, mostly bottom end. Problem was intermittent. I checked all the usual, no codes, cleaned maf,knock,tps and o2s all within spec, fuel pressure spot on. Read a previous forum on ground mods, and low and behold..PROBLEM SOLVED.Removed every body ground from under the hood-5 in total-every single one was to a painted surface!! Removed paint from all points, and added a motor ground to an empty bolt hole right next to the knock sensor, and a ground to the drivers side strut tower directly to the neg post. The difference was immediately noticable, tons of power low end all the way up, no dead spots! Thankyou LegacyGT forum users! Sometimes gotta keep it simple and start with the basics.
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