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better (read harder to f-up) hardwiring and... "stashbox"


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Hate to use the word stashbox, but sometimes cars get broken into here and if you have anything valuable in the car its nice to have it tucked away. Has anyone noticed any good spots to make a compartment yet? Ive taken the dash apart but nothing really jumped out at me as a place thats not too inconvenient to get to.


Also, going to hardwire my x50, saw the hardwiring done where you drill holes in the $250 shifter trim piece... doesn't sound like a good idea to me, what happens when you have to sell the car? Anyone else mount theirs elsewhere?

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Xantium -


Sorry, bro, no ideas for a stashbox. :(


As for the X50 hardwire, I took a different route, mainly because I wanted to get the SmartCord control closer to my right knee (so I can use proprioception to hit the button at night, without even having to index the light, as well as to bring it even closer to my main control surfaces).


I tapped power for the SmartCord (straight) via the cigarette lighter. This power tap is wired in through vehicle main "acc" power, and will automatically turn on/off via the ignition key.


From there, I simply routed the SmartCord to the proximal corner of the center console, sneaking its wiring out through the gaps in the console trim next-to/under the driver's side HVAC temperature control knob (I have a Limited model). I then used true industrial-grade double-sided tape to anchor the SmartCord remote mute module there, oriented vertically, with the button topmost.


I then routed the SmartCord under the dash, and up the driver's side A-pillar and headliner trim, using the rearview mirror support post to hide the final length of the straight-cord, down to the X50, which is mounted directly underneath and "tucked under" the rearview mirror (itself pivoted up as far as possible, via its double-joint).


The way I have it set up, it's as high as possible to catch over-the-crest radar, but will compromise laser detection as it is far above your vehicle's most-targeted centerline. Also, the way I have it sitting "tucked" underneath the mirror, I'm sacrificing rear laser detection as well. I am covered in both of these contingencies, though, by my Shifter ZR3 units.

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I'm not going to share my secret compartment, because then it wouldn't be a secret.


Actually, I just always leave my glovebox and trunk locked and don't usually have anything of value in the console or cubby. I leave my windows down all the time.

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