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First road trip

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Took the LGT on her first road trip. Drove from Northern VA to Central PA, about a 3 hour drive, covering 200 miles or so. It was more comfortable than I thought it would be and I was surprised when I got there to see that my trip computer said I was averaging 29.1 MPG (about 85% to 90% HWY). Pretty nice; granted this was at the end of the drive, so things were working in favor of the higher average. At one point on the trip on the way back, the comp. read 30 MPG.

I also wore my LGT.com T-shirt, which arrived the day before I left, so I was representing from VA to MD to PA.

Not a bad t-shirt, I just wish the picture on the back was larger (and now I know why everyone wanted the lady members to post pics with their t-shirts, these things are kind of see-through :dm: ).

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^^Gotta remember....it's all highway.


I'm averaging 26MPG on the highway. That's with 14-16miles one way to work everyday.


This is good news.....cause I'm taking a road-trip to Kansas City (From Colorado Springs).

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