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2012 HK Speaker, No Bass?


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New to Subaru, new to forums. I've had my new-to-me 2012 Legacy Limited with the Harmon Kardon speaker system for about 2 months. All the bass seems to have disappeared from the rear speakers. I don't know if I bumped sub or the white box (amp) in the trunk, blew a fuse, or what. I don't crank up the volume very much at all, maybe put it up 75% of max volume at the most, maybe only once or twice.


Any ideas of where to start troubleshooting?


Thanks for any help!

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After more researching on the forums, I've found this post:


"The premium HK system is notoriously awful. However, the subwoofer fades with the front speakers, so when you fade to the rear that will weaken your low end. Also, the rears are coaxial, not component like the fronts, so that will also narrow your sound stage. Besides, I would think you'd want your sound stage more up front. I have my aftermarket set up at about 65% front/35% rear."




Thanks to nstg8r for the answer! I crawled into the back seat on confirmed all is well, underpowered and unexpected that the sub fades with the front speakers, but functional.



Thanks for the tips!

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