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Help a So Cal member install the Kartboy STS and bushings!


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Just looking for someone that has all of the right tools to do a Kartboy short throw install and Kartboy front and rear bushings. Just realized I should be out of school early tonight and I am anxious to get these mods done asap. It would be nice if the person has experience doing it, but I don't think it is necessary. Hopefully i'll get some responses, if not then I will have to wait until the weekend. Food and beer will be in the mix to whoever can help.
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Thanks for the info, never ended up calling them. So I went ahead and did the install last night in a friends garage. It would be nice if someone compliled a new install guide for people out there that include the kartboy STS and the front and rear bushings. It seems the whole process would have been much easier if you were to do the front and rear bushings with no shifter in the basket at all. Also, don't go cheap on snap rings pliers, because it becomes a real pain in the ass when the prongs going into the ring are falling out and getting stuck in the grease down there. The last order of business is the jack that came with the car collapsed when putting one side of the car on a jack stand. I know this isn't a heavy duty jack or anything, but I would like to think it is capable of putting the car on a jack stand. It was a damn good thing the jack stand was in place or things could have gotten very broken. All in all, the mod is great and definately worth the money. Can't wait to get some new fluids in the tranny and diffs and see if it is possible to feel any better than it currently is.
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Whew! I'm glad you weren't injured - first and foremost. Also, that your car wasn't hurt, either.


However, that jack that came with your car...that's not good for much more than getting the wheel just barely off the ground, for emergency road-side services only.


It's not truly suitable for any kind of servicing at all, even in the confines of a garage, even if it's just to get the car on to jackstands.


For about $20-$30, you should be able to purchase, via various discounts/sales/specials, a wheeled, 2-ton hydraulic floor jack and matching jackstands from any of your favorite local automotive stores. It's a very good investment. :)




As for the write-up:




MUD did do a very complete walk-through of the Kartboy STS and front shifter bushing install. And later on in the thread, I also cited a past reference thread which detailed the rear bushing install, and included updated tips, too.


All are LGT specific, and up-to-date.


:) Already done!

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