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ECU Rev A vs. Rev B (pre-studder vs. post-studder)


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So, tomorrow my ECU should FINALLY be replaced for the cooling fan issue. I have a november build, so I should have the pre-studder fix ECU. I'm just curious as to whether there are any external markings differentiating a pre-studder to a post-studder ECU (i.e. rev A vs. rev B). I want to make sure they are installing the latest and greatest.


Also, I don't currently have a big issue with my studdering. Although, I do notice an occasional lack of power, presumably from the ECU pulling timing.

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i never really noticed a studder in mine. but then again i only had the "stock" ecu for 1k. i reflashed to stage 1 at about 1100ish. havent had the cooling fan issue pop up yet, and hopefully i dont any time soon since ill be going stage 2 soon (as soon as Jeremy gets off his butt and releases the midpipes for the lgt..lol :) ) at which point dealership work is out of the question.

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