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Installing Boost and Voltometer gauges


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I just recently purchased an 06' legacy GT and ordered a boost gauge and voltometer. I was just wondering how other people went about installing both gauges. i was hoping to put them both in the cubby at the top of the dash. i saw a couple people who did this same thing and i think it looks great. I'd could use any suggestion or tips anyone has about going about the installation of both gauges (what to drill, connect, etc). i'm new to this hobby so i can use all the help i can get from you guys that know your stuff. thanks


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Welcome to LGT.com. :)


Give the search engine a try - search for the topic title "Got Boost" in the "Interiors" section, author jedimaster.


Also, eldiablo recently posted:




Additionally, for an alternate place to splice in your boost gauge:




This is the "AVO" method, close to the manifold, and is also preferred by many tuners for this very same reason.


For the voltmeter, you can easily tap either the cubby light or your cigarette lighter/12V accessory power line.


Hope this helps!

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i like that set up in the cubby there, but then decided that it would also be a great place to put my 12v splitter (3 12v sockets) in there. i'm going to hardwire it into the car. i saw the wrx sti boost cluster that sits up top the dash. you know if that would fit in the LGT? the dash is pretty level and flat too. otherwise, i'm going to have to find another location for a boost guage later down the road.
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