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Difference between parts?

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So I've narrowed down my search for parts to a rear door cord and on the parts website there was 3 different parts (part #81812AG03A) which is $243 and another is (part # 81812AG03B) which is $90. What's the difference? The part I need runs from car roof area to hatchback itself through an accordion style tube. The wires are cut and cracked. Which part do I need?
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seems to relate to model years loosely so go with whatever one your car fits into, may be some minor differences to the setup or just subaru being subaru with unneeded part number changes


What model and spec is yours?


A is 2005



B is 2005 and 2006



C is 2007-09



Or just go to your local electrical wholesaler and pick up the correct sized wire and replace the worn sections and save replacing the entire thing. Soldered in rather than crimp connectors aswell to save future issues.

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