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Intermittently Lean


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hello all,


I am having an issue with hesitation under load.


mods are:

turbo back exhaust

grimmspeed catless uppipe

DW300c Fuel Pump

ID1000 Injectors

Grimmspeed 3 port EBCS


base tune for e85


I have spent the past two days working with a mechanic running diagnostics on the potential causes of the hesitation. first, we have checked every area for vacuum leaks. I purchased a MAF to see if this may have been the culprit, no luck. checked spark plugs and coil packs on cyl 1 and 3 all look good, gaps are in tolerance and are not fouled. all injectors are firing.


the A/F ratio hovers around 14.5-14.8 on idle. and most of the time it will stay in that range, however i sometimes get to an A/F value of 20 and this is when it really starts getting jerky.


i have come up with two conclusions one, potential electrical issue shorting of a wire or ground maybe. another thought is fuel pressure may not be as high as needed, but this does not really make a whole lot of sense since it doesnt just happen when it is under load.


any ideas guys?


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