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Remove 4th gen wagon rear seats


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This turned out to be surprisingly easy. The bottom rear is a breeze: pull up on the L + R side, undo the hook at the back - same as most other Subarus.


The back is bolted down with 3 brackets, 1 bolt in front of the seat and the other behind it for each bracket. You'll need a 12mm, either deep or w/ an extension.

Undo the front ones first, as well as one of the bolts holding down the side bolster/seatbelt trim piece.


Fold the seats down, flip up the rear carpet piece, and undo the 2 bolts+1 nut holding the rear half of the brackets down. From there, it's just a matter of sliding the whole unit over the stud for the middle bracket + down on the side you pulled the trim piece from.


The metal brackets on the R + L are separate and will fall out. Also pay attention not to misplace the plastic slip on pieces that go with them.


Final note: if you're like me and like a clean car, I highly recommend at least pulling the bottom - way more dust/sand/rocks than expected. Also included : $1.52 in change!

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